• The History of The City of Sheffield

    This city is not only rich in metals but also rich in history.

  • How Startups Can Revitalize Cities

    In the same way that startups can be helpful, some say that they can also be detrimental to a city.

  • How Small Businesses And Startups Can Get Funding

    For financial security purposes and to keep your rising business from going bankrupt before it starts, here are a few financial sources you might want to consider for your startup’s capital.

New:The History of The City of Sheffield - Strategically located in the county of South Yorkshire, the 142-square mile city of Sheffield is a sight to behold.

The History of The City of Sheffield

Aside from the beauty this city has and the fact that its university specializes in metallurgical programs, there is a lot about the roots of Sheffield that is worth mentioning.

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Urban Environments in the Post-industrial Age

What characteristics does the post-industrial society have and what is its impact? Keep reading to find out.

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How Startups Can Revitalize Cities

As we deal with post-industrial life, could startups be the answer to inject new life into formerly dead and dying cities?

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The Economy in North vs South of England

The North and South of England have always been different.

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