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Truth and Myth of the Northern Hero

Everyone has heard the fairy-tale about Robin Hood, Marian, Little John and the rest of the merry men. But the question is, did he exist or is it just an English folklore. The eldest documents referring to Robin Hood is from 1377, Piers Plowman, a poem written by William Langland.  The legend says that Robin […]

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Sheffield – a city of many faces

Sheffield is the fastest growing city in England today, if you leave London out of rank, when it comes to leasing offices and living spaces and property. When it comes to the steel and metal industry the city has a very good reputation in the international market. Already in the year 1740 they lay ahead […]

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Sheffield – Mixed history

General facts Sheffield is a city in South Yorkshire in northern England. The name Sheffield comes from the river Sheaf running through the city. Population is about 560 000 In the district off which 520 000 lives in the city. In the beginning industry was big in the city but lately the economic base has […]

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Tips for Anyone Thinking of Starting a Business

Plenty of people dream of starting their own business, becoming their own boss and creating a life for themselves. It’s a tantalising thought though it’s not something that is easy to achieve. That being said with enough courage, wisdom and drive it can be done. But Where to start? Face Your Fears Like I say, […]

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