Tips for Anyone Thinking of Starting a Business

Plenty of people dream of starting their own business, becoming their own boss and creating a life for themselves. It’s a tantalising thought though it’s not something that is easy to achieve. That being said with enough courage, wisdom and drive it can be done. But Where to start? Face Your Fears Like I say, […]

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The Best Cities to Move to in the North of England

Living in London is all fun and games until the city becomes more crowded and you realize that the traffic is as dreadful as ever. If you are craving an escape outside of the typical English city, then why not take it up north? Dubbed as the best places to live in the country, here […]

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Seven Famous People from Sheffield

If you think that Sheffield is all about metal plates and steel, you’d be wrong. The 142-square mile city homes some of the most celebrated names in the show business, music industry, science, and even sports. Here are seven of our favorite Sheffield-born celebs that you might not know were from the town. Brian Glover […]

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The Economy in North vs South of England

The North and South of England have always been different. The southeastern and southwestern grouping which includes London and the East of England, has a distinct culture. The North, including the Humber and Yorkshire region, is a working-class area that has declined since the end of manufacturing. A rich South and a poor North are […]

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How Small Businesses And Startups Can Get Funding

Deciding where to get the funds for your startup can make or break verdict your entire business. With the myriad of financial institutions waiting for you to make your proposal, it’s always good to stop and think for a moment before getting a loan. Good businesspeople should not solely rely on a single source of […]

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How Startups Can Revitalize Cities

The World Bank agrees that startups can transform cities. As we deal with post-industrial life, could startups be the answer to inject new life into formerly dead and dying cities? If so, how can they be managed so that they don’t have a negative effect on city life and the urban population? Keep reading to […]

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Urban Environments in the Post-industrial Age

A massive change has happened from the beginning to the end of the 20th century. In many Western towns and cities, former powerhouses have become urban post-industrial environments. Places like Sheffield in the UK, once a booming factory city, are a prime example of what happens to urban centers after the end of industry. What […]

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The History of The City of Sheffield

Strategically located in the county of South Yorkshire, the 142-square mile city of Sheffield is a sight to behold. With the view of the hills of the Pennines and the valleys of Derbyshire, it’s one of the most scenic cities in England. Aside from the beauty this city has and the fact that its university […]

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Five Innovations from The North of England

Innovation is the main factor that makes a city or region prosperous. England’s Northern region was once the most innovative place in the whole country. Its ships, machinery and trains were spread across the world. Many people don’t know that some of the products they use every day came from this very place. Here are […]

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