Sheffield – a city of many faces

Sheffield is the fastest growing city in England today, if you leave London out of rank, when it comes to leasing offices and living spaces and property. When it comes to the steel and metal industry the city has a very good reputation in the international market. Already in the year 1740 they lay ahead with the invention of the crucible tools by Benjamin Huntsman in his smithy in Handsworth. During the 60s and the 70s a new kind of steel was invented which had a big influence on the local economy. The innovations continued during the years to come with new and more advanced manufacturing methods. At the university in Sheffield research and science in the industry is progressing.

Still big in the metal industry

The metal industry has, since the 18th century, been the biggest industry in Sheffield. So, it is still today. Sheffield produces more steel than ever but employs less people than ever due to automatization in the factories has evolved in the last decades. Other big employers are the university, the hospital and call centres answering for companies around England.

Trade is blooming

Sheffield has come to be the biggest centre for trade in northern England. In the city there are lots of shops and brand stores. The main streets are The Moor, Orchard square and Fargate. You can also find Marks and Spencers and Debenhams. The latter is a very large chain of stores that exist all over Europe. They have over 30 000 employers in the company. The disposals from the city are recycled to electricity and there is a well working system for central heating. The energy from recycling comes up to 32 megawatts in heating per year and seven megawatts electricity from the about 115 000 tons of disposal that is handled.

City of sports

When it comes to sports the city has a wide variety. The city has two football teams, Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United, playing in the second division in England. There are also a number of other football teams in the city, one of these is Sheffield FC that is the oldest active football team in the world, founded in 1857. Outside football, the biggest sports are rugby, cricket, and snooker. The most famous athlete from the city is former Olympic gold medallist and keeper of the world record, Sebastian Coe. In his career he set the world record in distances, 800m, 1000m, 1500m and the English mile (1609 m.).

Culture and music

The national average on cultural work in England is 4 percent. Sheffield is above with 7,2 percent. A yearly event is Open Up Sheffield, that takes place the first two weekends of May. Local artists and craftsmen invite the people into their studios. The city has also produced a lot of famous music bands, mainly in synth genre. Among these you can find Human League, Heaven 17, Thompson Twins and ABC. These were at their top in the 80´s and 90´s. In other genres there are Pulp and Joe Cocker. The biggest international breakthrough is of course Def Leppard. They have sold over a 100 million of records in the world and are still active and touring. The band was established in 1977 in Sheffield which means that they have been active for over 40 years.

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