The Best Cities to Move to in the North of England

Living in London is all fun and games until the city becomes more crowded and you realize that the traffic is as dreadful as ever. If you are craving an escape outside of the typical English city, then why not take it up north? Dubbed as the best places to live in the country, here are four options you may want to consider for your next move.


According to The Sunday Times, York is the “best place to live in Britain”. If the fact that it has the fastest internet connection in all of Britain does not convince you, perhaps the multitude of cool restaurants, cafes, and companies will be enough to make you buy a property within the walled city’s premises.
The ancient and historical air within the city may be a little overwhelming but the city is definitely by no means outdated. In fact, York is home to the best railway museum and one of the best racecourses and cathedrals in the world. More people are moving into York making its house prices on average £301,320.


No better way to escape the city’s hustle and bustle than a great refreshing view of the seaside. With only £144,890, you can own a decent home within the town and enjoy a daily dose of Vitamin “Sea”. The once sleepy town is dotted with Victorian architecture and thriving with cafes all around. With fresh fish and seafood all week long, you can bid goodbye to fast food and say hello to your healthy new diet.


With an average of £670 per month, you can start renting a home within Altrincham. But why consider the town in the first place? The Sunday Times named the town as the Best Place to Live in 2018. Undoubtedly, with the multitude of outstanding schools around the metropolis, it is difficult to pass up an opportunity to move there.
Some of the most celebrated schools are Loreto Catholic Grammar School for Girls, Altrincham Grammar School for Boys, St. Ambrose College, and the 15th Top 250 State Primary Schools in England by The Sunday Times, Altrincham C of E Aided Primary School.
The town has everything a family needs and more. There are excellent restaurants, such as Pierre Bistrot and Fox, which are within arm’s reach. Stamford Park is very open and safe for afternoon walks and picnics, and even the marketplace is rich in culture and culinary variety. The town is perfect for starting a family and raising children.


As reported by the Nationwide house price index, house prices in Bradford increased by 10 percent at an average of £159,401. Although the city gave up its industrial business of the past, it now thrives in the area of tourism.
It boasts the National Media Museum, Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, and Victorian architecture. The town is bustling with tourists and visitors most of the time, though it is not as crowded as any other city in England, giving the area a homier atmosphere.

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