Top Tips for Café Startups

In this day and age, it seems like a new café opens up on the high street every day, sometimes it can seem baffling that that many of what is essentially the same store can stay afloat, especially at a time it seems small businesses have to fight harder than ever to stay afloat. Just What is that makes them such a safe bet? Well first of all it might help to know that in the biz they call coffee liquid gold. In the UK a standard Americano (black coffee) can cost anywhere between £2 and £3 yet it costs roughly a penny to make. That’s some mark up. It’s easy to see then why you too may be considering starting up your own coffee shop, if that is the case you may want to consider these tips for helping make that experience a little easier.

Rent a Coffee Machine

Without a coffee machine you won’t be getting too far, that is after all how you’ll be making your coffee. People are happy to pay a high price for their java but only if the quality is good, therefore you’ll be wanting a quality machine. Machines are however expensive and though renting one may sound like more cost in the long run it can help you get started sooner and keep quality consistent. It’s also worth checking out refurbished ones, they’ll give you the same quality but at a lower price. A real bonus when renting is that the price will often include service, this means if a problem arises you can call your supplier and they’ll get it fixed in no time.

Source Local Beans

Sourcing local is all the rage at the moment. People like to know that they are giving back to their own community in some way, they also like to know that you are a solid pillar in theirs. By sourcing your beans and other products from local suppliers, people will feel you are helping out their community and by shopping with you they are too. It also gives off a certain feeling of exclusivity, as we previously discussed they can get coffee almost anywhere these days, by offering them a local and perhaps lesser known product you’re making your own service unique and that’s exactly what you need in this market.

iPad Tills

Tills are an expensive commodity but again they are necessary. It can be hard to know what makes a till a good till to purchase. Ideally you want something simple to use, thanks to the world of modern technology you no longer need to worry about hefty devices or expensive electronics, in fact, you can do it all from your iPad. There are some great services that will provide you with a cash drawer, holsters for the iPads to make them look professional and an app in which you can log transactions and keep track of your daily takings and back office activities. This is a simple and easy to use product that will certainly be perfect for any startup, it’ll also make your place looks super cool in the process.

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